Buy Booker's Batch 2018-02 'Backyard Bbq' Kentucky Bourbon

Booker's batch 2018-02 'Backyard Bbq' Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

128.8 Proof
James B.Beam Distilling Co.
750 ML (Standard)
Although this is no doubt a high-proof Whiskey, it sure doesn't taste like it.There is richness, a nice mouthfeel, on the sweet side, and smooth.There'snothing ho or abrasive about it.It doesn't burn at all.Sip it over ice if you'd like but I really think you could drink this neat, no problem, even if you don't have an asbestos mouth like me.
It smells very soft, like something baking and wafting , hot sugar on its way to becoming caramel and a faint whiff of cherry.
Top note of toasted marshmallows then an aftermath of soaked wood, aggressive spices, and sweet tannins.Adding water draws out chocolate but makes the tannins a lot less friendly.
This Booker's Bourbon Backyard BBQ Batch 2018-02 is bottled uncut at its natural proof of 128.after being in a barrel for six years, two months, and t   Read More en days.Being in a barrel gives it a complex aroma, a nose with sweet hints of maple and vanilla, and a well-balanced taste with a warm finish.All of these great characteristics is what makes Bookers Backyard BBQ the best bourbon ever.   Read Less