Boone County Eighteen 33 10 Years - SIPN BOURBON

Boone County Eighteen 33 10 Years

90.8 Proof
Boone County Jail Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
This bourbon provides an average mouthfeel and a sharp rye spice makes an appearance quickly on the tip of the tongue.There is more baking spice and a creamy vanilla sweetness, but the heavy oak notes are front and center and really define the sip.There is also a surprising amount of burn, despite the low proof.
Soft and creamy, and filled with layers of the traditional flavors of oak and caramel, along with wonderful notes of rich vanilla custard.
The finish is medium long and pleasant.The sweet notes provide a nice balance of flavor as the sip finishes with strong oak undertones.
Boone County, once the largest producer of bourbon in the State of Kentucky, has resurrected local distilling under the name Boone County Distilling C   Read More ompany and the launch of 'Eighteen 33'- a ten-year-old straight bourbon Whiskey, the brand's initial celebratory release.This is a sourced bourbon, purchased by the distillery when it was around seven years old and bottled/released in late 2015.This is a rich full-bodied bourbon with an almost everlasting finish, notes of aged oak, vanilla, caramel, and a hint of cinnamon.   Read Less