BSB 103 High Altitude Bourbon - SIPN BOURBON

BSB 103 High Altitude Bourbon

103 Proof
Heritage Distilling
50 ML (Mini)
The flavor profile is like a strong sweet Bourbon cocktail made from caramel apples and marzipan.
The aroma is filled with notes of gingerbread, cardamom, warm dutch apple, and caramel.
The finish goes on and on and on with sweet, apply warmth.
BSB 103 - Brown Sugar Bourbon 103 is created with the same recipe of BSB, but bottled at 103 proof. This is the bolder, badass version of BSB? ? a lit   Read More tle less sweetness and a bigger kick of bourbon. The bolder, stronger version of BSB - Brown Sugar Bourbon? at 103 proof. This ?High Altitude? Bourbon is flavored with natural brown sugar and cinnamon for a flavorful kick.   Read Less