Buy Calumet Farm 16 Years Single Rack Black Straight Bourbon

Calumet Farm 16 Years Single Rack Black Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

106 Proof
Calumet Farm
750 ML (Standard)
The palate opens with a medium body with notes of granola clusters, english toffee, vanilla flan, and toasted oak.
The aroma is full of rich oaky notes over Cracker Jacks, field grass, molasses, and ripe plum.
The finish is long, warm, and lightly sweet.
Color is a lovely deep amber with some reddish tones, reflecting those 16 years in a barrel in the cooler part of the warehouse. Nose has wonderful va   Read More nilla and oak notes, with some nice fruitiness. On the palate, vanilla and heavy candied cherries come to the fore, with wonderful oak tannin in the background. Medium mouthfeel. Super long finish with the cherry notes becoming muted with drying oak and candied rye. This is amazing bourbon   Read Less