Cat's Eye Distillery Nassif Family Reserve - SIPN BOURBON

Cat's Eye Distillery Nassif Family Reserve

107 proof
Cat's Eye Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Palate: Palate along with vanilla, toffee and a hint of clove.
Nose: The nose of the Whiskey is a vanilla butterscotch bomb transitioning into slight notes of citrus and cream.Butterscotch.
Finish: The finish is a warm lingering sweet heat, a nice Kentucky hug.
Nassif Family Reserve is a blend of 50% 14-year light Whiskey from MGP and 50% 3-year 10-month bourye (a blend of 36 rye bourbon and 95 rye distillate   Read More aged together in new oak).The blend is bottled at 107 proof.The resultis a Whiskey that is both approachable for a novice, great in cocktails, yet complex enough to be enjoyed neat by a Whiskey enthusiast.   Read Less