Cedar Ridge 20 Barrel Project - SIPN BOURBON

Cedar Ridge 20 Barrel Project

750 ML (Standard)
Bready with plenty more of the cherrywood that was also experienced in the nose.When I say bready, think southern homestyle biscuits.The malted rye spice is thoroughly helped by specks of oak and the flavors complement each other exceptionally.
Cherrywood, hints of cinnamon and a very, very light butterscotch note
More oak and cherrywood with muted caramel and vanilla but not an overwhelming finish.It's a short stay.
Each handcrafted batch of Cedar Ridge spirits takes on the character of Iowa's people, land and climate.This 20 barrel series allows Cedar Ridge to fl   Read More ex their creativity while remaining true to their Iowa corn bourbon heritage.While all 20 barrels are comprised of the same high rye bourbon mash bill (58% corn, 34% rye, and 8% barley), each was bottled individually and exhibits its own unique profile.   Read Less