Clover Collection Bourbon Cask Club 4 Years - SIPN BOURBON

Clover Collection Bourbon Cask Club 4 Years

92 Proof
The Clover
750 ML (Standard)
Deep, flavorful caramel, vanilla and hints o orange citrus.
Vanilla and oak.
Soft, lingering notes of caramel, vanilla and light traces of oak finish.
The Clover Whiskey collection is named in honor of legendary golfer Bobby Jones, signifying a four-leaf medallion his mother gave to him which he wore   Read More in every match.The lineup showcases single barrel Whiskeys, with the four year old release being a chill-filtered, single barrel straight bourbon proofed down to 46% ABV.The Whiskey was sourced from Indiana, with an allotment of 24,000 bottles available.   Read Less