Clyde May's 9 Years Old Cask Strength Alabama Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Clyde May's 9 Years Old Cask Strength Alabama Whiskey

117 Proof
Conecuh Ridge Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
A dry, spicy and woody character occupies most of the stage, crowding out the underlying sweetness.Although it'snot a hot Whiskey at this stage, I recommend a splash of wate or an ice cube, because either will bring the flavor into better balance.That done, the sweetness opens up to reveal vanilla and peach.In terms of texture, the Whiskey is rich and creamy, and hangs onto that character even with a little dilution, so you have nothing to lose.
It has a current of peppermint and spiciness that jumps out at you, followed hard by a thick layer of vanilla and a little stone fruitiness.
The finish continues that run of dry spiciness, but this soon fades just leaving some sweet, seasoned peaches and warmth to savor.
This cask strength Whiskey hit shelves in June 2017 with a wider release expected by the fall of 2017.This is the follow up to their 8-year cask stren   Read More gth Whiskey released in 2016.Their 'Alabama Style' Whiskey is aged for 9 years in barrels which have oven-dried apples added.Bottled at 117-proof.   Read Less