Cockpit Craft P-51 Mustang Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Cockpit Craft P-51 Mustang Whiskey

80 Proof
Cockpit Craft Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Very light sip, with notes of cinnamon and allspice coming through as well as accompanying notes of vanilla.The young age is again apparent, but it is a very easy drinking Whiskey.
For only being 54% corn, it sure comes through on the nose.The Whiskey smells young, but with some roasted malt, molasses, and allspice rounding out the nose.The oak definitely comes through as well.
A slightly lingering sweetness on the finish, with the spices and oak just hanging around for a short time.
Cockpit Distillery, based in Colorado Springs, is owned by an Air Force Veteran who worked as an aircraft metals technologist for over 10 years.The st   Read More ill used was designed and built by the owner, and everything is made is 100% crafted in house.They offer a multitude of spirits right now, with plans to expand out in the future.The P-51 Mustang is their Bourbon Whiskey, made of 54% corn, and malted barley and rye.This is not a very old Whiskey, as can be told form tasting, but is aged with 2 sets of toasted oak spirals.   Read Less