Conviction Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Conviction Bourbon Whiskey

100 Proof
Southern Grace Distilleries Inc.
North Carolina
750 ML (Standard)
Honey, sweet corn and that elusive fruit note with some dark chocolate and oak.When tasted with a dried cranberry it i orange blossom honey and caramel forward with a hint of oak.When tasted with a pecan it becomes more vanilla and pepper spice with only the slightest hint of fruit.
Honey wheat bread dough with a little yeastiness in a good way.Corn and a little fruit peaches and apricots, sometimes citrus, with just a hint of caramel and chocolate.
Dry with oak, chocolate and hazelnuts.The cranberry makes the finish shorter with lots of oak and hazelnuts.The pecan makes the finish very long and dry with oak, pepper and dark chocolate.
Conviction Bourbon is made at the Southern Grace Distillery in North Carolina.The distillery is located in an old prison, thus the name.I first tasted   Read More this Whiskey at the Ne orleans Bourbon Festival (where it won best bourbon under 4 years) and really liked it.This Whiskey is distilled by a very talented distiller and she was kind enough to send me a bottle.I am impressed.At two years old it is quite good.I look forward to tasting a fou or more year old version in the future.   Read Less