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Coopers' Craft Bourbon Whiskey

82.2 Proof
Brown-Forman Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Drinks hotter than 100 proof.This one changes notes as it moves to the back of the tongue; it goes from fruity to grassy.The char adds a bit of smokiness that isn't overpowering.The finish is dry, and the aftertaste leaves a mix of hay and coffee to linger.While the nose implicates that this Whiskey would be sweet, it in fact it very mellow in sweetness.
Bright apple lays underneath the forward acetone.It is more on the perfume side of things.
This is the first new Bourbon brand from Brown-Forman since the debut of Woodford Reserve in 1996, and honors the men and women who work at the compan   Read More y's cooperage on the south side of Louisville.The nose has classic Bourbon notes of caramel, oak, allspice, fudge, vanilla, and hints of molasses and pipe tobacco.The taste starts off thin and light, then builds up a good spicy flavor with allspice and hints of clove and cinnamon along with fudge, vanilla, molasses, and pipe tobacco notes in the background.The finish fades away smoothly with lingering spices and a slight dryness, and leaves me wondering what this might taste like at a stronger proof.   Read Less