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Devils River Distiller's Select Whiskey

120 Proof
Devils River
750 ML (Standard)
a bold, smooth taste that develops on the palate.Our Barrel Strength Bourbon's flavor is amplified with even stronger hints of oak, honey and caramel followed by some peppery spice.
Devils River Barrel Strength Bourbon leads with distinct notes of pepper, oak and rye.It is balanced with hints of ripe apples, pears and vanilla.
Smooth and warm.It's a bold flavored high proof bourbon that finishes clean on the back palate.Best enjoyed neat, but you can add a drop of wate or a large ice cube that will melt slowly ? this brings the proof down a bit and opens up the flavor.
Distiller's Select is distilled and aged in the hot Texas climate for over two years in a new #3 charred American oak barrel.The Texas heat naturally   Read More accelerates the aging cycle making it the perfect location for our rickhouse.As the Whiskey expands deeper into the oak staves, our bourbon developed its dark color and complex flavor.   Read Less