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Early Times Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon Whiskey

100 Proof
Early Times Distillery (Brown-Forman)
750 ML (Standard)
Corn and vanilla with just a touch of pepper spice.Very nice mouth feel with no burn but a nice warmth.Tasted with a cranberry the pepper is diminished and the vanilla sweetness comes forward to enhance the cranberry flavor.Tasted with a pecan Vanilla and spice with a corn sweetness.Less pepper and more baking spices.
Buttered corn and vanilla.A very simple nose but very pleasant.
Not complex.Just a little pepper spice leading into a nice oak dryness.The cranberry makes the finish more oak forward with very little spice.The pecan makes this very dry and oaky.Very nice finish.
On the palate, the Whiskey has surprising weight. The flavor balances corn sweetness, dry oak and rye spice, and caramel and vanilla surprisingly well   Read More . That said, the Whiskey is rather flat, despite having all the core elements, and is tinged with a bit of a mineral spirits bite.   Read Less