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Evan Williams Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey

125 Proof
Heaven Hill
750 ML (Standard)
The front of the tongue gets that caramel flavor instantly.It follows up with some oak and tannin, and more sweetness like butterscotch, but the intense and nearly overpowering alcohol burn does not relent.
Huge notes of caramel and brown sugar up front with a massive alcohol draft on the back.It will draw you in with the deep, rich sweetness, and then punch you squarely in the face with heavy alcohol.It's at once alluring and a little bit scary.
There is a really attractive cinnamon and brown sugar hint that reminds one of cinnamon toast the alcohol burn remains prevalent throughout the finish, and long after the swallow.
It is at once complex in flavor but has a single, overarching alcohol theme.However, for the bourbon lover, the aromas and complex flavors of this bou   Read More rbon are just too enticing to ignore.   Read Less