Fireside Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Fireside Straight Bourbon Whiskey

105.6 Proof
Mile High Spirits Distillery And Tasting Bar
750 ML (Standard)
The nose initially comes off very similar to a rye Whiskey.There are scents of mint and bubblegum as well as sweet hay.
Lingering notes of citrus peel and semi-ripe strawberries combine with a touch of vanilla custard to help extend this pleasant finish.
Our time tested Fireside Straight Bourbon Whiskey is proudly made from scratch by our talented distilling team in the heart of downtown Denver. Distil   Read More led from Colorado corn, barley, and rye and cut to perfection with crisp Rocky Mountain water, Fireside boasts notes of dark caramel, roasted coffee and smokey brown sugar. Whether you?re making Old Fashioneds for tonight?s party or attempting to dull the pain of dinner with the in-laws, Fireside Straight Bourbon Whiskey will satisfy even the most curly mustachioed connoisseur. When you?ve inevitably consumed the last of those precious golden drops, bring the bottle back to our tasting room for a drink on the house.   Read Less