Flatboat Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Flatboat Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof
Barton Distilling Company
750 ML (Standard)
The font palate definitely follows through with light caramel and vanilla flavors with some slight floral notes.Oak and currant flavors develop on the mid and back palate, but neither really assert themselves.
Simple syrup, vanilla, and butterscotch are the key scents here, with light oak shining through as well.
Surprisingly long, there are some dark fruits such as blackberries that develop on the finish with a healthy does of black pepper and oak on the tail.
Similar to Hancock's Reserve, Flatboat is a Private Label product released exclusively to a large big-box liquor store chain in Central Kentucky.I was   Read More told that the liquor in the bottle is 6-8 years old, but very little other info was available.It was distilled at Barton, and the manager mentioned it was aged in barrel originally intended for 1792 bourbon.   Read Less