Flying Ace Cask Strength Bourbon - SIPN BOURBON

Flying Ace Cask Strength Bourbon

116 Proof
Flying Ace
750 ML (Standard)
Flying Ace Cask Strength Bourbon gives off darker honey, sweet grains, baked apple, cinnamon, clove, graham cracker, fennel, rosemary, and a little vanilla and caramel.There'sa decently interesting grain-forwardness and earthy rosemary that reinforces that its younger MGP, but at first it smells pretty good. After swirling I smell honey, caramel, rosemary, fennel, apple an orange, roasted oak, cinnamon, and toasted graham cracker.The balance leans towards the earthy and herbal notes, and in many ways reminds me of Barrell'sStellum bourbon.Then again, both Flying Ace and Stellum used younger MGP bourbon as the base.As a whole, Flying Ace Cask Strength Bourbon smells decently fragrant, but it'snot that comple or deep, missing much meaningful dept or richness.
The finish is lightly sweet, earthy, and herbal with honey, rosemary, fennel, roasted oak, dried apple, dried cracker, and roasted grains.
Flying Ace is a new brewery and distillery out in Loudon County, Virginia, close to the West Virginia and Maryland borders, that opened up in April 20   Read More 21.As of mid-2021, the brewery and distillery are up and running, but their homemade bourbon isn't ready yet (but the white dog is being produced).Because they plan on aging their homemade bourbon for a few years before releasing it, Flying Ace went to MGP to source and blend their own bourbon, leading to the Flying Ace Cask Strength Blended Bourbon in this review.This is a blend of 6 year old bourbon (both the 21% and 36% rye mashbills) and 20% 15 year old corn Whiskey.It's called blended bourbon because corn Whiskey was added, but the blend is still a majority bourbon.I'm always down to try cask strength bourbon, so let's find out if this blend was successful in this Flying Ace Cask Strength Bourbon review   Read Less