George Dickel Barrel Select Tennessee Whisky - SIPN BOURBON

George Dickel Barrel Select Tennessee Whisky

86 Proof
George Dickel & Co.
750 ML (Standard)
Almond, caramel, baking spice, oak, and a light mineral note.
Almond, grapefruit, wintergreen, white sugar.
Medium and gentle on the finish with minimal burn.Lingering sweet caramel, dry oak, mineral, and almond notes.
One of our finest whiskies, for the truly discerning whisky drinker.Aged at least 9 years, a small number of barrels are selected by our distiller for   Read More their exceptional balance and delicacy and then blended together.Charcoal mellowing and our unique aging process form a smooth, premium whisky that stands in a class all by itself.A perfectly balanced, rich and silky taste with hints of vanilla, spice and charcoal.   Read Less