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George Remus Repeal Reserve IV Bourbon

100 Proof
George Remus
750 ML (Standard)
Caramel, baking spices, oak.
Caramel, butter, candied fruit, leather.
A trailing finish heavy of oak tannins, baking spices and a hint of rye spice.
The fourth release of "A Very Rare Bourbon" is the best yet with a perfectly well-balanced dram of spicy Bourbon love. George Remus Bourbon is named after a legendary Whiskey-man who operated on both sides of the law during Prohibition, earning the nickname "King of the Bootleggers." The George Remus line-up is comprised of high-rye Bourbons aged over five years. Owned by and made in one of the country’s most historic distilleries (MGP), George Remus is perfectly blended from premium stock to become your go-to Bourbon.