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Goodwood Stout Barrel Finish Bourbon

90 Proof
Goodwood Brewing Co.
750 ML (Standard)
The palate, like the nose, you have to really go searching for the flavor.There'stoasted grain and some sawdust, but very little evidence of those more complex Whiskey flavors, the vanillas and caramels that are the reason brewers bourbon barrel age their beer in the first place.
The nose on this beer is restrained, bordering on nonexistent.Often, bourbon barrel-aged beers have a sweet, boozy aroma, but with this stout you get almost no alcohol and only a hint of vanilla and burnt chocolate chip cookies.The body is surprisingly thin.
Very solid, viscous mouth feel that lingers in a deliciously good way.
Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Stout is an homage to Kentucky's proud distilling legacy-brewed with the same limestone water as its namesake Whiskey and pati   Read More ently seasoned in bourbon barrels.This silky American stout has notes of oak, dark roasted malts and, of course, bourbon.Roasted barley produces chocolate and coffee flavors with a lasting vanilla finish.   Read Less