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Homestead Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey

Homestead Bourbon styles itself as a 'barrel proof' bourbon and is indeed bottled at a relatively high 113.(though we have personally noticed many sin   Read More gle barrel bourbons in the 120s).We're told by co-founder and president John Andrews that their bourbon is distinguished by being barrel proof (stressed in the title) and very proud of the fact that it is uncut (most bourbon is blended back with water to bring it down to 80-90 proof from the 110+ that sits in the barrel) and unfiltered (many Whiskeys are chill filtered, which removes some of the fatty acids and can make the spirit taste lighter and thinner).To their mind, this brings out the greater glory of the flavor of the bourbon than competitor products.though it also means the consumer may want to drop a little water in before drinking!   Read Less