Hudson Four Whiskey Grain Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Hudson Four Whiskey Grain Bourbon Whiskey

92 Proof
Tuthilltown Spirits
New York
750 ML (Standard)
Freshly baked bread, a dusting of cinnamon, oak, slightly toasted caramel, more zest orange and a touch of menthol, dark chocolate praline and creamy vanilla.
Gentle notes of nutmeg orange peel, mint and a hint of vanilla, with a touch of pencil shavings.
Mint lingers, along with buttered toast and a handful of fresh fruit.
Up in New York, Hudson Four Grain bourbon is made using the Tuthilltown distillery's unique recipe of corn, rye, wheat and malted barley.Hold on a min   Read More ute, that's four grains-like what the name says! Tuthilltown Spirits were producers of the first legal pot-still Whiskey in New York since prohibition.Four Grain is aged in small three-gallon barrels to accelerate maturation, and each bottle is numbered and wax-dipped by hand.The interaction of the four grains is intriguing and rather unique.   Read Less