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Ironroot Harbinger XC Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof
Ironroot Republic
750 ML (Standard)
More dark fruits with deep, rich flavors.Molasses, dark cherries mixes with strong wood and tannic notes.More grape appears.Caramel covered fruit tart-if such a thing existed.Then comes the kettle corn and more molasses.This is big, oily, and syrupy.A mouthful of confectionaries.
Big red, juicy fruits start off the nose.Vanilla and cherry cola come next.Then sweet pears, apples, and lots of grape.Bubblegum and sandalwood round out a very funky nose
Short to medium finish.There isn't a huge amount going on during the finish, with light notes of wood and cinnamon that are overshadowed by the great rollercoaster of flavors from the palate.I expect the cask strength 115 proof version to have a longer, more enjoyable finish.This is by far the most disappointing part of an otherwise fantastic experience
A special blend of Harbinger whiskies from select barrels-spicier and more intense-bottled at 90PF.Youthful but balanced.Disitlled from an exotic mash bill of 4 heirloom corn stocks and rye.USA Today-''2019 Best Craft Whiskey Distillery'