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J.Riegers Kansas City Whiskey

J.Rieger & Co.is a distillery that was established in 1887.Long since gone, this brand was resurrected in 2010 by Ryan Maybee, partner at the Rieger H   Read More otel Grill & Exchange in Kansas City and Andy Rieger, great-great-great grandson of Jacob Rieger, th original founder.This is sourced Whiskey from Indiana and consists of a corn & malt light Whiskey and a straight rye, both aged for a minimum of 7 years.To this, 15 year-old oloroso sherry is added not exceeding 2.% of the volume, a common occurrence in American Whiskey in the 1800's , but had fallen out of favor after Prohibition.This is legally allowable under the generic 'American Whiskey' category.   Read Less