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Jack Daniel'S Bottled In Bond Tripple Mash

100 Proof
Jack Daniel Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Red raspberry, dark cherry, cola, and marzipan lead a front of sweet flavors that refrain from going overboard thanks to their overall heaviness.Combined with a slightly thick mouthfeel, these flavors hit with ideal intensity.Rich oak and sugared plantains cap off a palate that gets better with every sip.
a gentle and earthy aroma is found up front, consisting of dark red raspberries, plum, fig, and earl grey tea.Both cedar and pine are also present, providing an intertwined oak component.More potent is the aroma'S winter spice foundation, of which props up the entire nose in a warming embrace.Subtle flavors with just the right amount of complexity translates into a winning opening for this Whiskey.
Malt begins to pull forward during the finish providing a welcome contrast to the fruitier palate.a layer of dryness envelopes the sip, bringing forth additional rye spice and a new focus on oak.Furthermore, a touch of sweet cinnamon and vanilla pull through, creating a brief reprieve from the spice and oak with their sweetness.Interesting in short bursts, but more serviceable than anything else.
Jack Daniel'S new Triple Mash Blended Straight Whiskey and Bonded Tennessee Whiskey represent the first two permanent expressions in the brand'S new Bonded Series.Jack Daniel'S Triple Mash is a blend of three straight bottled in bond Whiskeys: 60% Jack Daniel'S Tennessee Rye, 20% Jack Daniel'S Tennessee Whiskey, and 20% Jack Daniel'S American Malt.According to the company'S press release, "Each expression is distilled in Lynchburg, Tennessee, in the same distilling season, aged to the stipulations of the Bottled in Bond Act, then blended and bottled at 100 proof".Jack Daniel'S American malt Whiskey has been distilled by the company since 2013, is 100% malted barley, and in Triple Mash, meets the bottled in bond requirement making the malt at least 4 years old.This is the first release that the company'S malted barley Whiskey is being used in.