Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Coy Hill High Proof Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Coy Hill High Proof Bourbon Whiskey

141 Proof
Jack Daniel Distillery
750 ML (Stardard)
As it first touches the tongue, this explodes with a juicy note of cherries that blooms to fill the front of the mouth. Turning effervescent in texture, this takes on a different cast, more like cherry soda. The high proof is most noticeable as this reaches the middle of the mouth; it actually constricts the flavor development at this point slightly, which is a peril of whiskey this potent.
Sumptuous, intense notes of Bananas Foster jump from the glass and immediately announce this whiskey?s presence. I almost have to take a physical step back, away from the glass, and return after a few moments. This is rich to an almost indescribable degree. I get sticky and sweet notes of chocolate fudge syrup, candied fruit, brandied fruit, you name it. This is like a dessert cart in a glass.
High proof bourbon (oops) lovers will adore this. I actually added a few drops of water to see if taming the whiskey allowed for any more flavor development, but I found that actually worked to the whiskey?s disadvantage. It?s nearly perfect as it is, with each flavor allowed a starring role in turn, without any moderation.
Our fourth annual special release is here - Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Special Release Coy Hill High Proof. This year's annual special release celebr   Read More ates Coy Hill which is the highest-elevated rolling hill on the Jack Daniel Distillery property. This rare high-proof release honors the art of the whiskey-making process, as well as showcases how a barrel house location along with the extreme weather and maturation conditions produces an exceptional whiskey flavor.   Read Less