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Jeffers Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged 6 Years

80 Proof
Jeffers Creek
750 ML (Standard)
The mouth feel is extremely grainy.The sweetness in the palate is almost non-existent but when I do find some, it'salmost like an aspartame sweetner rather than caramel.Gross.The mouthfeel is terribly thin, blunting my efforts to find any more flavors as they simply wash away.
There is some caramel and over-ripe apple.Almost like a diluted apple cider.But as the dram goes on, it begins to morph into more of a rotten apple that'sstubbornly not fallen off the branch yet.There'snot much else to taste as the dram goes on.
Rancid taste finish.
Jeffers Creek is a label that is secretly produced by Barton 1792, but is not affiliated with the company in any other way.You won't even find it on t   Read More he Barton 1792 website and one of the only ways to really tell that it came from Barton is by having a knowledge of SKUs.Carrying an age statement of 6 years (good!), bottled in the old style Weller bottle (also good!) and then proofed down to 80 proof (ugh), it was a curious bourbon to me back in my early days of drinking.   Read Less