Jimmy's Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Jimmy's Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof
The Distillery At Kiepersol
750 ML (Standard)
Strange and fun it'smore like a dessert Whiskey than a 'daily drinker' with how sweet it is.Vanilla, corn, nutmeg and vanilla cupcakes come shooting out of the glass followed by notes of ripe dark fruit, toffee, anise and brown sugar.Some light touches of citrus and raisins mix with a bit of alcohol that kicks up at the end.
Starts out with lots of corn, vanilla, fruit cake and raisins.Dates, birthday cake, juicy dark fruit, brown sugar, raw grains and molasses mix with some interesting waxy notes swimming about in the background.A slight nuttiness flits in and out of what amounts to an intriguing aroma.
Short nutty finish with notes of corn, vanilla and juicy dark fruit leather.
Our flagship spirit, this bourbon is made from 100% Jimmy Red corn, a magenta-hued landrace grain grown for decades on James Island and nearly lost fo   Read More rever.For 6 years, we've worked with a team of researchers and farmers to rebuild a secure seed supply for the most flavorful Whiskey corn we've ever tasted.Aged a minimum of two years in char 3.American oak barrels, this bourbon is best enjoyed in a proper Whiskey glass nea or with perhaps one cube of ice.   Read Less