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John J.Bowman Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

100 Proof
John J.Bowman
750 ML (Standard)
Taking a large sip reveals classic bourbon undertones with a touch of sweetness.It'sa creamy bodied bourbon that offers rich flavors.Rich malted chocolate, oak, vanilla, and hints of corn syrup immediately jump out.This is a bourbon that plays it safe in the sense that you won't be overwhelmed with a massive set of flavors to dissect.That said, while it doesn't have that wow factor of a standout bourbon, it sure doesn't disappoint in what it delivers either.
Baking chocolate, baked bread, oak, vanilla, and green apple, and a dash of toffee lead the way.A light tingling of ethanol is present but not so much to be distracting.The aromas are not overly strong, but more subtle and pleasant to the senses.
Balanced and long.Warming heat slowly builds as it makes its way down your throat.A hint of spice in the form of green pepper, along with chocolate, leather, oak, and hints of vanilla start the finish.These flavors morph to light traces of chocolatey caramel that coat the mouth, and linger for a long time between sips.
This is the Single Barrel release from the A.Bowman Distillery.Bottled at 100 proof this expression is aged for ten years.Triple distilled, the rumor   Read More remains that this juic originates from the Buffalo Trace Distillery.   Read Less