Joseph Magnus Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Joseph Magnus Bourbon Whiskey

100 Proof
Joseph Magnus
750 ML (Standard)
The sip starts with sweeter notes of cherry pie filling, vanilla and brown sugar.Dark fruits pop behind and help bridge the transition to drier notes of oak and leather.The fact that this bourbon touched four different barrels seems to be more prominent here, as the drier notes become more dominating the longer you swirl the sip around in your mouth.While the delivery may not quite live up to what the nose teased, it comes pretty close.
Expressive and enticing, the nose starts off with scents o orange rind drizzled with light honey, along with a rush of ripe plums and other dark fruits.Diving in deeper reveals hints of buttercream frosted cake, light leather, and the slightest hint of ethanol.
The drier flavors from the palate slide into the finish to round things out.Green peppercorn, oak, leather, and a hint of tobacco leaf immediately pop.These morph into a lingering dry oak with a slight hint of medicinal cherry similar to a halls cough drop.
Jos.A.Magnus & the second coming of the Magnus brand.Originally started by Joseph A.Magnus in 1892, the company focused on producing Whiskey unt   Read More il Prohibition took hold.Afterwards, the brand was revitalized when Joseph Magnus' great grandson discovered a few unopened bottles bearing the family namesake.Re-established in 2015, the company now focuses on blending and finishing techniques initially employed by Joseph Magnus.   Read Less