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Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Bourbon Whiskey-Batch 24

124 Proof
Jos.A.Magnus & Co.
750 ML (Standard)
The sip hits with a potent punch of flavors.Clove, tobacco, and seasoned oak form a foundation.These flavors combine with a robust mix of spice, with rye and baking spices being the most prominent.Dark berries mingle in, offering a slightly sweet addition to the sip.Complex and savory overall, the palate is quite robust and enjoyable.
Rich dark tobacco notes pair with baking spices and seasoned oak.A swirl of the glass reveals clove, dark roast coffee, and dried dark fruit notes.A slight nuttiness is present but fleeting.
The finish immediately shifts to becoming quite dry, offering trailing flavors of cocoa and tobacco amidst a leather note.Charred oak and leather taper in, but it remains savory versus sweet in overall delivery.
Jos.A.Magnus & the second iteration of the Magnus brand.Originally started by Joseph A.Magnus in 1892, the company focused on producing Whiskey   Read More until Prohibition took hold.Afterwards, the brand was revitalized when Joseph Magnus' great grandson discovered a few unopened bottles bearing the family namesake.Re-established in 2015, the company now focuses on blending and finishing techniques initially employed by Joseph Magnus.   Read Less