Joseph Magnus Murray Hill Club Special Release Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Joseph Magnus Murray Hill Club Special Release Bourbon Whiskey

112 Proof
Jos.A.Magnus & Co.Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
The profile is sweet up front with the dark fruit from the nose leading the way.The mid-palate brings out grape bubble gum, maple candy, cinnamon, and an ample punch from the alcohol.An expertly balanced Whiskey that brings you something different with each sip.I can't wait to revisit this over the next few months.
The Murray Hill Club Special Release has a nose you have to experience for yourself.The most intriguing aspect is a deep, earthy base that reminds me of a wine cellar.This is layered with decadent notes of dark fruit, burnt brown suga or maple syrup, oak, grape juice, and a light tropical/citrus note deep in the glass.This is Nancy Fraley showing of
This is where this Whiskey really flexes its muscles.The ample proof provides a bold, viscous finish that coats your mouth with dark chocolate, red hots, and a smoky barrel char note that lingers in the back of your throat.Big, dark, and captivating.
This limited edition blended bourbon Whiskey (a combination of 18 and 11 year old bourbons and a 9 year light Whiskey) was finished in casks that once   Read More held Pineau des Charentes, a regional French aperitif wine fortified with Cognac.These barrels were hand-selected by master blender Nancy Fraley, who fell in love the aperitif while spending time in France.According to the distillery's official tasting notes, the Pineau des Charentes casks impart a subtle, fruity/earthy complexity to the Murray Hill Club profile.   Read Less