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Kentucky Owl 'Confiscated' Straight Bourbon Whiskey

96.4 Proof
Kentucky Owl Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Corn, vanilla, banana pudding and baking spices.When tasted with a dried cranberry there is more caramel and less fruit but enhanced oak.When tasted with a pecan there is a citrus note and more sweet oak.
Toasted marshmallows, Bananas, apples, oak and some sweet baking spices.
Medium long with oak and baking spices.The cranberry shortens the finish and makes it sweeter.The pecan makes the finish long and dry with oak and cinnamon.
Announced in April 2019, Kentucky Owl Confiscated is the first release for the brand to be available in all 50 states.Confiscated, a Kentucky straight   Read More bourbon release, pays tribute to the barrels seized by the government prior to Prohibition that belonged to C..Dedman who founded the Kentucky Owl brand back in 1879.Master blender Dixon Dedman is the great-great grandson of the founder and he resurrected the brand in 2014.   Read Less