Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition Bourbon - SIPN BOURBON

Kentucky Owl Takumi Edition Bourbon

100 Proof
Kentucky Owl
750 ML (Standard)
Rich and full-bodied but never overpowering, flavors of oozy caramel and buttery cinnamon cake are complemented by fresh apple pie crust. Hints of dry leather and light oak layer in, adding a savory dimension. While the sip lacks an immediate WOW factor, it brings waves of complexity and a well-rounded mouthfeel. Like the nose, it trades an in-your-face punch of flavors for balance, taking a ?less is more? approach, delivering on it and then some.
Fresh baked bread, light caramel, and summer fruit greet the senses. Light fennel adds depth, which is complemented by a touch of tobacco leaf and light seasoned oak that add a layer of complexity. If you could describe an aroma as smooth and savory, this would be it. Not at all punchy, it?s a satisfying but even-tempered nose that?s content resting on its laurels.
Cinnamon spice takes a stronger form, intensifying but once again, never overpowering. Waves of caramel and raisin follow, accented by savory seasoned oak. Balance is on point here, as the finish melds everything together, amplifying spice to a pleasing height, and tapers off nicely. Expected, balanced, and a nice ending to a well-rounded sip
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