The Wiseman Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN

The Wiseman Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

90.8 Proof
Kentucky Owl Park
750 ML (Standard)
THE WISEMAN Bourbon offers caramel and allspice which present an excellent flavor as the mildly silky liquid crosses the tongue. The allspice sticks around for a longer finish with caramel.
With THE WISEMAN Bourbon the first thing you discover is a sweet caramel aroma, followed by a warming allspice lift, a sprinkling of citrus and a hint of oak
It finishes sweet and heavy, with dark cherry.The finish returns to the nose with an artichoke-y vegetal feel, without really skewing bitter.
Kentucky- Kentucky Owl Wiseman is a bourbon made for those who want to innovate and take on the world. Crafted by our premium distiller this bourbon is full caramel aroma, it's followed by notes of allspice, citrus fruit, and an oak finish.