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Kentucky Par 12 Year Bourbon

100 Proof
Kentucky Par
750 ML (Standard)
Not overly complex.Rich caramel, a little appl or pear fruit, leather and baking spices with oak tannins.When tasted with a dried cranberry, the caramel becomes stronger and the leather more pronounced.When tasted with a pecan, the spices becomes black pepper at the expense of the fruit and caramel.They are still there but in the background.
Caramel, oak, ripe apples, fine leather, a hint of chocolate and a little baking spice.
Long and dry with lots of oak and a hint of baking spices, mostly cinnamon and nutmeg.The dried cranberry replaced the hint of spice with leather and sweetened the oak tannins.The pecan made the finish longer and was dominated by black pepper spice and oak tannins.
New modern revival of a popular classic from pre-World War II.At 12 years old and 100 proof, Kentucky Par offers an even balance of sweet and spice, w   Read More ith flavors of apple pie, caramel and brown sugar sharing with oak, tobacco and a hint of pepper.   Read Less