Laws Whiskey Rum Barrel Finished Bourbon - SIPN BOURBON

Laws Whiskey Rum Barrel Finished Bourbon

95 Proof
Ad Laws Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Sweet, smooth and easy drinking.Sweet notes start off, moving into some spices and tobacco notes.Vanilla, molasses and rum spices are all very apparent, but the bourbon doesn't disappear, which really is nice to see.
The rum notes are very apparent, brown sugar molasses and vanilla, with some dark cherr or other dark fruits and a touch of caramel also coming through.
Some rum spices that linger for a while, and extremely smooth, leaving a nice flavor without too much alcohol.
A new bottle in the Special Finish series from Laws Whiskey House.The rum was made at the Laws distillery, and is not being sold anywhere.We did get s   Read More ome of the rum to try as well, and will add onto this review after we have tried it.Let's get right into the bourbon!   Read Less