Lazy Guy Side Track Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Lazy Guy Side Track Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof
Lazy Guy Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
This is excruciating.Musty, raw sugar, peppery, unsweetened cough syrup.The musty crap taste hits first, then grain alcohol (made with bad corn), a peppery smack on the tongue, then the medicinal taste
Definitely stale, and musty.It is sharp and sour, more like moldy cork than oak raw grain alcohol, moldy rye bread.
Unfortunately, the length of the finish is the one place where this really excels.
Our Side Track Bourbon was aged slowly aged with one goal in mind-to create the perfect Georgia Bourbon Whiskey.At 90 proof, this bourbon has a carame   Read More l note, youthful character and smooth finish that reflects our passion for producing a truly unique and unmatched bourbon.Escape the mainstream and venture down the Side Track.As of December 2019, Side Track Bourbon is now a 'GA Straight Bourbon' with an average age of 2.years   Read Less