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New England 6 Year Single Barrel Bourbon

114.2 Proof
New England Distilling
750 ML (Standard)
buttery corn and dark fruit
Sweet aroma of caramel along with ripened apple and pear
dark fruit lingers with soft spiciness.
Lovely vanilla sweetness from the first nosing; it smells lightly sugary like a candy cigarette.Hefty, creamy caramel wafts off the surface of the gla   Read More ss which immediately shapes my lips closer to a smile than I was intending.I normally get more of this creamy feeling from the 36% rye mash bill from MGP, but this one is doing it incredibly well at 21% just the same.Cherry skins pop brightly in the background as this continues to push forth wave after wave of confectioners sugar, light maple syrup and a great level oak.Now it's time for a sip.   Read Less