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Luckenbach Road Straight Bourbon Whiskey

88 Proof
750 ML (Standard)
After the robust nature of the nose on the Whiskey, I was surprised at the mild nature of the profile on the palate.There is a nuttiness, pecan mainly, with mellow peach and plum.
The nose is surprisingly clear.I immediately received notes of vanilla, stone fruit (specifically plum), cherry, and smoked wood.
Luckenbach Road Whiskey offers a farm-to-bottle experience,focusing on sustainability by developing crops based on local climate and growing condition   Read More s.They have teamed with Texas a & M University Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, cultivating a variety of corns, wheat, barley, and rye.

Of Luckenbach Road Whiskey, Skloss says, Caring about what's in the bottle begins with caring about what's outside of it.We know everything about our operation must be top-notch, from the people that join our team to the way we grow our grains.The Luckenbach Road Straight Bourbon Whiskey has a fairly traditional flavor profile, is aged three years, and crafted from estate grown corn.While the Whiskey may lack ingenuity, it is a pleasantly drinkable spirit that may appeal to those just starting out with Whiskey.The company is young still and has room to grow and expand upon the reputation that Frontier Spirits has built with this straight bourbon release.   Read Less