Native Texas Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Native Texas Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof
Native Spirits
750 ML (Standard)
A nice balance of fresh pecan pie, maple sugar candy, vanilla, banana, and a hint of oak follow.
An ever so slight dash of sweetness kicks of the finish, however it is replaced almost instantly by a peppery and oak mixture, which dominates the rest of the time.This flavor combination clings to your mouth for an extremely long time.While the length is a pleasant surprise, its one dimensional finish ends this bourbon on a downward note compared to how the sip started.
This Native Straight Bourbon for the Lone Star State is made up of over 70% corn with a small amount of rye rounding out the rest of the mash bill.Smo   Read More oth caramel and vanilla notes with a touch of nutmeg and honey finish off out 90 proof Bourbon.Enjoy on the rock or in your favorite cocktail.   Read Less