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New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

110 Proof
New Riff Distilling
750 ML (Standard)
A tad sharp and on the spicy side with caramel and vanilla, brown sugar, oak, hints of dark chocolate and toffee.
Corn flakes, vanilla, light caramel cremes, cinnamon, oak with a bit of anise and clove.
Short, drying with toffee, brown sugar and spice.
New Riff Distilling's core Bourbon expression is a genuinely high-rye, full bodied Whiskey offering savory, spicy character, bottled at Barrel Proof w   Read More ithout Chill Filtration.Featuring a mash bill of non-GMO grains at 65% corn, 30% rye, and 5% malted barley, it represents a new riff on Kentucky's most hallowed Whiskey traditions.Aged four years in 53-gallon toasted and charred new oak barrels, there are no shortcuts taken in our production.All New Riff Whiskeys are made with the full sour mash Kentucky Regimen; all carry an age statement, and are always bottled without chill filtration.   Read Less