Not Your Father's Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Not Your Father's Bourbon Whiskey

86 Proof
Not Your Father's
750 ML (Standard)
The palate is well-sweetened although, perhaps, it is indeed 'not too sweet' as the label indicates.For those with a distinct sugar fixation, NYFB will hit the spot with a candylike vanilla hit, a light note of milk chocolate, cinnamon, and a more evident popcorn note.
The nose is plenty sweet, with notes of sugar cookies, ample vanilla, and hints of cinnamon red hot candies.It's Whiskey, to be sure, but particularly bourbonish notes are elusive; though the hint of caramel corn and some rustic burlap notes at least nod in that direction.
The finish is on the racy side, again calling back more to cinnamon than vanilla, though both linger on the tongue.
Let's be honest: it's cool to drink bourbon.But is it actually enjoyable? Up for debate.So we crafted an approachable bourbon for everyone with a fini   Read More sh so smooth, it's suspicious.This is the part where we could go on and on about the quality ingredients, the distilling process, blah blah blah.but you've seen that all before, haven't you? So we'll get straight to the point: Not Your Father's Bourbon is 86 proof, with a touch of Madagascar vanilla to enhance the flavor, not mask it.But we'll let the bourbon speak for itself, and we gotta say-it's quite the smooth talker.So give it a try and bring your friends.We finally made a bourbon for everyone.   Read Less