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Oak And Eden Bourbon Whiskey and Vine Cabernet Steeped Oak

90 Proof
Oak & Eden
750 ML (Standard)
The palate is sweet, oaky, and full of dried fruits.Notes from the Cabernet come through with vanilla, black currant, clove, and the slightest amount of dark chocolate.The more this Whiskey opened up the more the fruity notes came through, especially the dark grapes, blackberries notes.
The first notes on the nose are full bodied fruit and citrus.Rich notes of black currant come off as the Whiskey sits in the glass.
The finish was short.
Oak & Eden is doing something a bit different with their 'Bourbon & Vine' series. They teamed up with Marker Cellars Winery to create this uni   Read More que wine finished Whiskey. Once distilled, this Whiskey spent a minimum of two years in the barrel. Oak & Eden then bottled the bourbon at 90 proof, along with a Marker Cellars Winery Cabernet soaked 'spire' for secondary in-bottle finishing. For this expression, Oak & Eden added a 5-inch french oak spire with a 'medium roast' that has been soaked in Cabernet Wine for 8 weeks. This is how Oak & Eden finishes their bourbon and refers to these spires as their 'finishing agent. The spire is left in the bottle to continue finishing the Whiskey.   Read Less