Oak & Eden Bourbon & Brew - SIPN BOURBON

Oak & Eden Bourbon & Brew

90 Proof
Oak & Eden
750 ML (Standard)
The first sip coats the entire mouth with an oily velvety texture.Notes of young oak, dark coffee, are present and accompanied by a slight warmth in the chest.The second sip begins with a slight bitterness that fades to vanilla, black coffee, and coco.The third is similar to the notes above with the addition of oak spice.
The nose is deep, rich, sweet, and complex.Coffee is instantly noticeable.This note is accompanied by butter, butterscotch, and sea salt dark chocolate.
The finish is long and pleasant.
Oak & Eden has been producing some unique Whiskey and rye combinations.Their latest release, Bourbon & Brew, combines the best of the Whiskey and coff   Read More ee worlds.Oak & Eden's flavorful bourbon is combined with West Oak Coffee's cold brew coffee.The iconic oak spiral used to in the Oak & Eden in bottle finishing process is soaked in Delagua Colombian cold brew coffee roasted by West Oak before being placed in the bottle.This spirit is bottled at 90 proof   Read Less