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Old Bardstown Estate 101 Proof

101 Proof
Willett Distilling
750 ML (Standard)
Very flat.Earthy overtones with spice and barely undertones that never reach any height.
Very similar characteristics to a single malt scotch.Sherry and mint hit first.A small amount of sweetness hides behind a very upfront blast of copper.Leather trails on the backend of the nose.
A bit more flavorful than the palate with more oak prevalent.Some spice and fresh herbs show up for a moment.

'This bottle features an overall quick nose with notes of clover and honey that fade almost immediately into a lovely mix o orange and maple sy   Read More rup.It opens on the palate with a big burst o orange and caramel that fade into softer herbal and cinnamon flavors.Its finish is long, with lots of spice   Read Less