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Old Elk Infinity Blend Bourbon

114.9 Proof
Old Elk Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
The intensity of this bourbon ramps up, with hearty oak, caramel chews, and cinnamon bun up front.An array of baking spices emerges and intensifies, bringing with it additional energy.Cocoa and brown sugar add additional depth.It's overall weight and viscosity further enhances the palate, offering a satisfying mouthfeel.Layers of flavor challenge you to explore further, but the bourbon doesn't force the issue as it offers pure drinkability alongside its layered complexity.Very well done.
Traditional bourbon aromas of vanilla, aged and seasoned oak, and light caramel are accented by Bananas Foster and peach cobbler.a splash of allspice adds additional depth.What it lacks in overall intensity, it makes up for with impeccable balance and even delivery throughout.
Spice intensifies, with a surge of allspice alongside a dash of cinnamon.Layers of tobacco, light baking chocolate, and charred oak mingle in alongside the spice.Medium to long, the finish rounds out the sip nicely, maintaining balance and noteworthy complexity throughout with a focus on lingering cinnamon spice.
Infinity Blend is the first limited edition release from Old Elk, with annual releases planned for the future.Crafted by Greg Metze, Old Elk's master distiller with 43 years of experience including a long tenure at the Seagram's/LDI/MGP distillery in Indiana, the blend was built off a base of Old Elk's signature high malt bourbon.Metze blended in two Kentucky bourbons of various ages until the overall blend was just right.According to the company's press release, "The Infinity Blend is a nod to the current at-home Whiskey enthusiasts creating their own infinity bottles.