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Old Ezra Bourbon Whiskey 7 Years 101 Proof

101 Proof
Ezra Brooks Distilling Co
750 ML (Standard)
A playful sweetness of caramel, vanilla, and oak form a quintessential bourbon palate.This backbone is offset by additional notes of mixed nuts, light cinnamon, and butterscotch.The palate isn't immediately shocking in its flavor or construction, yet it all comes together nicely.
A warm and nicely layered aroma of rich caramel, vanilla, and oak.Despite leaning heavily on a traditional bourbon aroma, additional scents o orange chocolate, menthol, and lemon help bring dimension and a welcomed pop.
At medium length, the bourbon is hot and dry finish does not stick around long.Its heat is amplified by a drop off in sweetness found in its palate as it becomes more spice focused.
Old Ezra 101 Proof has been around for a long time yet never seemed to garner much attention.Over the years, Luxco tried different label designs, pres   Read More umably to combat this, to little avail.Even as age statements dropped like flies, it wore its 'Aged 7 Years' proudly, yet it seemed like bourbon drinkers didn't care to notice.t comes across as a sad tale of an unpopular kid trying whatever they can to get noticed.Some of this might be attributed to Luxco's weak presence in the bourbon marketplace at the time.Before the company started to turn heads with Rebel Yell Single Barrel in 2016, and made a big splash with Old Ezra Barrel Strength in 2018, Old Ezra 101 Proof sat on the shelves hoping to get seen.   Read Less