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Old Fitzgerald 17 Year Old Bourbon

100 proof
Heaven Hill
750 ML (Standard)
On the palate, this is actually quite rich on the front end, with tons of caramel, vanilla and sweet oak that turns more dry and tart as it goes on.Surprisingly, this release isn't overly oake or totally defined by oak in my opinion, which was my biggest concern when seeing the 17 year age statement.The oak is definitely assertive, and it transitions to more dominance on the finish as the slightly tart nature closes out the sip with tannic dryness, but throughout most of the sip it's quite well-balanced by sweetness and the richness of this wheated bourbon.In the mid-palate
On the nose, the Spring 2022 Old Fitzgerald has the requisite big, weathered oak you'd be expecting, but I'm pleased to see that it isn't really overtaken by it.Rather, I'm getting more impressions of cornbread, slightly burnt toast, fudge, black cherry an orange citrus.On top of it all, there's that old, mature oakiness.
I'm getting cherry here, and sweet mulling spices, while the ethanol is pretty mild for the proof.All in all, this has a mildly desserty vibe, but simultaneously functions as a pretty elegant sipper with its old oak profile when all is said and done.
This is the Spring 2022 iteration of Old Fitzerald's iconic Bottled-in-Bond collection, a 17 year old 100 proof Kentucky Whiskey that represents Heave   Read More n Hill's absolute finest Whiskey-making exploits.While some bottles of bourbon are all about power, Old Fitz's 17 year old Bottled in Bond Bourbon is about sophistication, style and poise.The Old Fitz Spring 2022 17 Year Old is an expression of wisdom, preferencing smoothness over punch, and character over vitriol.Expect layers of oak, sweet yet subtle caramel and vanilla, with a range of complex flavors including nutmeg, cinnamon and tart citrus.   Read Less