One Eight Distilling Rock Creek Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

One Eight Distilling Rock Creek Bourbon Whiskey

95 proof.
One Eight Distilling
750 ML (Standard)
Falls onto the tongue with a sweet, slightly earthy vanilla core and an interesting note of sweet red apple.The sip gradually picks up more spicy flavors, like nutmeg, pepper, and cloves, as it sits on the tongue, developing into more of a caramel base flavor as it increasingly tingles on the tongue.Then the flavor eventually tapers off and leaves a bit of an odd blank spot.
Gives a burst of sweet citrus when entering the nasal passages, most notably with tangerine and bright vanilla and softer notes of oak and pepper.That gradually mellows into more of an apple scent, then pear, with touches of caramel, nutmeg and a hint of lavender.
Swallowing brings on a small, manageable burst of spice toward the back of the mouth, which fades for a moment and builds back into a stronger tide of spicy, slightly smoky tingles throughout the mouth.That also ebbs away leaving an earthy, smoky caramel finish on the tongue.
The first grain to bourbon made from grain to glass in the District since Prohibition.Distilled in small batches in a copper pot still and matured in   Read More the highest quality new American oak barrels.Bottled at 95 proof, making it ideal for enjoying nea or in a cocktail.   Read Less